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*** This Sunday, March 29, and a word from the Pastor ***

Hey there church family,

This Sunday, we will be trying a new format with coordinating some worship songs from a member of our worship team, a sermon video, and have the sermon broadcast live. This will all start at our normal 10:00 time.

It looks like this sheltering in place may last longer than we anticipated? We are simply taking it one week at a time. Meanwhile, the challenge is for us to re-route our routines!

I watched a video/blog from Henry Cloud this week on the “Psychology of Crisis”. (This is what you do when you stare in front of an electronic device for hours on end!). He mentions five areas which God has designed us to function, which crisis mode tends to attack. They are connection, structure (routine), fight or flight response, control, and competency. Obviously, we lose literal touch with important connections in our life. Our structures go all out of wack. This week, I thought I would have all this time to plan, think, study, prepare, etc. and I found my time engulfed with electronic communications overload! Go to the grocery store and quickly see how people go into fight or flight mode. I searched all over Cape Coral for a thermometer, and the shelves were all cleaned off, until I found a lone anal baby thermometer fallen off the rack....so I grabbed it. (Yes, we’ll make it work ). It really has amazed me what has been completely cleaned off the shelves, like hamburger meat, chicken, potatoes, and yes, tissues and TP. I even went into a Walgreen’s and an elderly woman had to be restrained by police! Not sure what her beef was!

Control is something we also lose during a crisis. We don’t have all of the choices that we are accustomed to? Take control over the things that you can, like self, attitude, worry, and time with God. Know that God is in control and this season shall pass.

Lastly, our competencies are challenged. In other words, we want to be productive, knowing we are contributing something. I encourage you to stay connected with one another. Call a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile. Use your margin time with God and with family. I’m looking forward to hearing testimonies of how God spoke through this time, and maybe how your family created some unique fun! I am deeply looking forward to when we will be able to embrace one another as a family again, but until that time, keep on keeping on....

Love and Blessings,

Pastor Al

*** Sermon Link for Tomorrow (3/22/2020) ***

Below is the link for the sermon page tomorrow. We will start at 10:30am. In preparation, please listen to the songs we would have sang during the service tomorrow.


Worship songs:

- Remember


- Blessed Assurance


- Holy Love


- Forever


- Just As I Am


Lots of love,

Pastor Ben

*** Upcoming Services - A Letter from Pastor Al 3/20/2020 ***

Dear Church Family,

In light of the recommended limits of gatherings in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are postponing our services and prayer meetings at least 2 weeks. This is not only to honor our authorities, but for our own safety and the consideration of others. I strongly encourage you to continue to practice all the recommended guidelines for hand-washing and social distancing, etc.

I feel like in the era of social media that we’ve been practicing emotional social distancing for years! Now we have to actualize it physically. My sense is the Lord will use this time to create a true hunger within people for genuine love and relationship. That’s why I feel it’s such a critical time for us as the church to have our eyes wide open to look at the harvest fields. Let your prayers be bold as you stand in the gap for our nation to stop this virus in its' tracks. Also, my prayer has been for the church to awaken in this season of crisis and demonstrate to the world around us that the sure hope we have ‘is’ indeed an anchor for our souls!

Against all good judgement, I boarded a plane for FL on Monday, both to be with my wife and attend a peer group meeting that had not yet been cancelled. Now that we are actually in this shut down mode, I’m praising God that I got here! We have decided to stay here for at least these next few weeks. I’ve actually been quite busy, taking calls and watching endless market and economic updates. A common theme from these has been to not underestimate the local economic impact, especially if we are in shut down mode for months vs. a couple weeks. There are likely to be many layoffs and cut backs. Soooo.... what a fabulous time for believers to rise up and be open-handed toward one another and be aware of others that may be in need! I thank God for the culture of generosity that is ingrained in our fellowship!

LIVESTREAM SERMONS WILL BE AVAILABLE BY 10 AM SUNDAY, as well as the worship team’s selection of songs for that week.

We will be finishing the AWAKE series this week with, “Keeping Diligent: staying awake!” with the scripture text taken from 2 Pet 1:3-11.

Next week’s message will be “Eyes to See”.

I’ve forwarded a video I had the opportunity to watch this week from Josh McDowell that I think you will find interesting. There are many similarities to my message for this week. He shares his testimony in a way I’ve never heard prior. I hope you take some time to meditate on the text from 2 Peter prior to Sunday’s message, in the verses following this text, Peter describes that he writes this letter of important "reminders" as he is now waiting to be executed! What a way to finish, by leaving the church, which includes us today, these powerful lessons in life.

Keep well and looking upward. God is in control and will be glorified.

Blessings to you,

Pastor Al

Link for sermon: http://www.rnlcny.org/media

*** Healing Room Closed ***

In concurrence with the leadership of the International Association of Healing Rooms and the newly issued governmental mandates, the Healing Room of Madison County will be closed temporarily until further notice. 

*** NEW (3/16/2020) Letter from Pastors about COVID-19 ***

Dear Church Family,

The pastors and church leadership continue to monitor the changing suggestions and mandates coming from our state and national leadership. We are aware that this will impact our weekly Sunday services. As plans become more clear we will be communicating them with all of you. Please continue to pray for our communities and nations. May God receive all the glory.

Your Pastors

*** Father/Son Breakfast Cancelled ***

Please note - we are canceling the Father/Son Breakfast which was shceduled for the first Saturday of April at Quack's Diner until the first Saturday of June.

*** Email Address ***

If you have any messages or requests to send to the entire deacon or trustee board, you may now use the email: deacons@rnlcny.org or trustees@rnlcny.org

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