• 26 Sep 2021 10:00 AM RNLC Sanctuary at 1528 River Road, Hamilton NY
  • 26 Sep 2021 6:00 PM Randallsville New Life Church
  • 03 Oct 2021 10:00 AM RNLC Sanctuary at 1528 River Road, Hamilton NY


    *** Youth Group 9/19 ***

    This Sunday Youth Group will be meeting at the Iosets' house.

    *** Interwoven Hearts ***

    The Interwoven Hearts will begin their fall semester studies again. They will be meeting via Zoom starting Thursday, September 9th. The study is "The Extraordinary Power of Praise: A 6-week Study of the Psalms for the Anxious Heart". 

    The morning group will meet from 9-11 am and the evening group will meet from 6:30-8:30 pm.

    Anyone who is interested in joining the morning group please email Meg at parfitt2@verizon.net. And those wishing to join the evening group, email Jodee Kogut at pkogut@twcny.com. They will email you the appropriate Zoom link to join them.

    *** Service Link ***

    Our Sunday worship services are streamed from this link: https://live.rnlcny.org

    *** Email Address ***

    If you have any messages or requests to send to the entire deacon or trustee board, you may now use the email: deacons@rnlcny.org or trustees@rnlcny.org

    *** RNLC Prayer Chain/Opportunities: ***


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